6 Best Electric Ukuleles

What Are The Best Electric Ukuleles? Best Electric Ukuleles – The Basics The best electric ukuleles you can get are usually the ones anyone would need to master the ukulele. In this guide, we’ll explore the different types of electric ukes you can get, their pros and cons, to help you arrive after which one … Read more

6 Best Tenor Ukuleles

What Are The Best Tenor Ukuleles? Best Tenor Ukuleles – The Basics Tenor ukuleles are a trending version of the uke – more people are picking up tenors instead of the other three types of ukes. Why? Well, mostly because of the many advantages they have over their siblings. 1 # – Having big-hand issues? … Read more

6 Best Concert Ukuleles

What Are The Best Concert Ukuleles? Best Concert Ukuleles – The Basics Concert ukuleles are the second smallest of the uke family – they’re only 2 inches longer than the sopranos. That 2-inch difference makes the concert uke a very respected choice among musicians, mostly in more advanced levels, where music turns a little bit … Read more

6 Best Soprano Ukuleles

What Are The Best Soprano Ukuleles? Best Soprano Ukuleles – The Basics Soprano Ukuleles are the original ukes, they are referred to as standard, and are probably what you think of when ukuleles are in the conversation. They are the smallest, the lightest, and the most affordable among standard ukes. They also sound the brightest … Read more

6 Best Baritone Ukuleles

What Are The Best Baritone Ukuleles? Best Baritone Ukuleles – The Basics Baritone Ukuleles are the big, chunky brothers in the Uke family. They are an interesting option mostly experienced uke players consider when exploring the possibilities within the Uke family. Baritone ukuleles are different in several ways from the other standard ukes in the … Read more