Ukulele Challenge Day 3

I am doing a 10 day Challenge to get better at Ukulele.

I want to improve two things this round:

1. Moving up and down the fret board with my left hand
2. Learn a new strumming style

This is what I will do:
Practice 10 minutes for 10 days in a row
1. Climb up and down the fret board for 5 minutes
2. Do the bossa nova strum for 5 minutes

Today was a good day. I'm in the groove and things seem to be going well. Gotta keep going.

Day 3:

Strengths –

I'm getting better. I can feel it. My left hand is more pronounced and stronger. I seem to be transitioning better going up and down. I'll need to do it with a metronome soon.

Weaknesses –

I'm still not hitting the notes clearly all the time. Plus when I am doing the strum I get off the metronome (now set at 112 bpm) almost all the time.

Opportunities -

I have an opportunity to focus on really pressing down my left hand to really articulate the note.

Threats –

Not showing up. This is a personal commitment to getting better. The only threat is that I stop. Hand cramps are real. Stretch that shit.

Please let me know in the comments how I can get better! Thank you!



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