Mid-East is a family owned and operated music instrument maker based out of Melbourne Florida.  There are so many different types of unique musical instruments at Mid-East, they truly are the go-to place for interesting instruments on the web right now.  We had a chance to speak with Kim at Mid-East and she shared with us her passion for all things music and ukulele:


GU:  What makes your ukuleles amazing?

K:  Our Roosebeck Ukuleles are unique because they blend the, easy-playing, island sound of

the ukulele with the body style of an old-world instrument. Reminiscent of times past, the

Roosebeck Ukuleles bringing a distinctive style and old-world charm to the modern ukulele.


GU:  Which of your ukuleles is the best and why?

K: There are so many styles to choose from! If you enjoy the stirring hypnotic sounds of Russia,

the Balalika Ukelele would be the best choice. If you are looking for the playful rhythmic music

of the Ren-Faire world, the Baroq-ulele would be another good choice. Our bestselling ukulele

is the Roosebeck Lute-kulele. It is based on the Renaissance lute and is the sweetest sounding

instrument in our collection! The famous Leonardo Knot rosette in the soundboard adds an

elegance and beauty not found in most ukuleles. Ideally suited for classical and finger-style

music, it is the perfect choice for the modern-day troubadour.

GU:  What is one thing you wished everyone would know about your ukuleles?

K:  While these instruments look different, they are easy to play. If you can play a ukulele, you can

play our old-world versions. With so many styles and sounds to choose from, you can take your

talents to the next level, and look really cool doing it!

GU: Why should someone buy an ukulele from you?

K:  Combining the unique styles of our instruments with quality craftsmanship, our ukuleles are

like no others on the market. Each Uke is handcrafted using solid woods, warm finishes, and

gracefully curving staves. We take great pride in our unusual product and the quality we bring to

each instrument!

GU:  If you were a drink, what would you be?

K:  Mid-East reflects an ethnic, world-beat attitude; so something exotic, smooth, and healthy. A

mango yogurt lassi would be a good fit!

GU:  Who is favorite musical artist/act?

K:  It is too hard to pick just one artist! But many of my favorites are artists who were innovators in

their genre and changed the music world: Ravi Shankar, Bob Marley, Billie Holiday, Fela Kuti,

The Rolling Stones, Caetano Veloso, Johnny Cash, ...how much time do you have?

GU:  How do you spend your time when you're not working?

K:  The type of activity is secondary to the most important thing, which is spending time with family

and friends.


Mid-East instruments provide fantastic service and unique insturments at fantastic value.  You can learn more about Mid-East at www.mid-east.com


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