(left) Mark Elf and (right) Jim DeCava, DeCava Guitars


De Cava Guitars are fine fretted instruments made by master luthier Jim DeCava.  There is decades of experience that go into every one of a kind instrument that Jim makes.  Jim has also made quite a name for himself making specialty stringed instruments.  If you are looking for a unique instrument made with love by hand by a professional, then DeCava guitars is where you want to go.  He currently has a wait time of approximately 3 months for delivery, and the results are well worth the wait.  


We had a chance to speak with Jim recently about his Jazz Ukulele:


GU:  What makes your ukuleles amazing?

J: My ukes are hand made, so that they differ from each other in subtle ways.
The pearl and abalone inlays I use are designed and hand cut by me. I want
the sound to develop with age. This is made possible by using the proper
materials and building techniques.

 GU:  Which of your ukuleles is the best and why?

J:  I would have to say that my Jazz Uke model is the best, in the sense that
it gets the most enthusiastic reactions from musicians.

GU: What is one thing you wished everyone would know about your ukuleles?

J:  I'm always thinking about the player, and also how I would personally sound
and look with every uke I make. I also love connecting with the past,
working with the traditional materials like koa, mahogony, maple, and

GU: Why should someone buy an ukulele from you?

J: Each uke carries a warranty, and I want everyone playing my ukes to be
happy. How could you not be happy playing the ukulele? Making and playing
these instruments is something I've been doing most of my life..

GU: If you were a drink, what would you be?

J: gin and tonic, with a twist of lime..

GU: Who is favourite musical artist/act?

J:  Michael Coppola performing with his daughter Michaela.

GU: How do you spend your time when you're not working?

J:  Listening to and playing music, helping people at a local nursing home, and
reading (books are everywhere!).


Jim is a luthier with a big heart that makes fine instruments with a big sound.  You can find out more about DeCava Guitars at www.decava.com/


Want to see Jim's Jazz Ukulele?  You can see it here.


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