Riptide ECUT 2CS Ukulele - Unbox & Demo

So I was lucky enough to try out the Riptide ECUT 2CS from Boulder Creek Guitars.  Check out the unbox and demo in the video below.


What I really love about this tenor is the tone and volume that comes out of it.  I find it to be much more than other ukuleles that I have played with traditional sound hole placement.  Could be that the sound hole is directly pointed to my ear.  While great for monitoring, that could lead me to believe that I'm actually hearing louder volume when really I'm just hearing the volume more directly from the sound hole.  


Either way, everywhere I've taken this ukulele I've received positive feedback not only on the interesting look but also the great sound and particularly the sustain that I get from it.    

Riptide Ukuleles are doing some great things with the uke and what I really love about them is that every interaction I've had with them has been warm, human, and you can tell that they really love the instrument, and they put an extreme amount of work into all the details regarding the instrument.

Check out some other Riptides that I had a chance to play.



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