What are the Top and Best Ukulele Courses (Classes 2022)?

Selection Criteria – Best Ukulele Courses

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…only the best Ukulele Courses. We’ll save you from the hassle that is searching through hundreds of pages, looking at similar courses, comparing prices, and more, only to realize you don’t know which one is right. Get the right handpicked Top Ukulele Course from the get-go!

Best Ukulele Lessons – The Basics

For every ukulele enthusiast out there, there’s a course full of online ukulele lessons waiting to teach students everything they need to know about how to play the ukulele.

But, of course, you probably understand the numerous issues that come attached to just that sentence above. We’ll illustrate the main three:

# 1 – There are tons of online ukulele lessons out there!

We could say that there is at least one course per enthusiast – maybe that’s too much, or too little, but it’s an estimate that illustrates just how many lessons there can be.

And, of course, it’s easy to get lost in a sea of online ukulele lessons and teachers!

# 2 – Not all of the classes of Ukulele are good enough

Sincerely, we support all the people who want to have a good influence and shine another light in the ukulele world by sharing their knowledge.

With that being said, the following statement is not just an assumption, not all of the lessons (or teachers) can be good.

We’d say the percentage of ukulele courses that can actually satisfy your learning needs fully are only 5% – or less – of all the online ukulele lessons available, and that says a lot.

# 3 – Not all of the lessons are worth the investment to learn or improve your ukulele skills

Taking into account the last point, we know for sure that roughly 95% of the courses you can find online are not worth the investment.

That’s a quite sad statement, but it helps to separate excellence from the just-ok lessons out there.

We believe students can learn with just-ok courses if they dedicate their time, patience, and full attention to the classes – the information is out there, for free, anyhow.

However, the ukulele lessons we’ve picked are part of that excellent 5%, and they can help you optimize incredibly the efficiency and pace at which you can learn to play the ukulele.

Now that you know this, let’s get started with our review of the best ukulele courses students can invest their money in, and start reaping the benefits from day one!

Comparison Table – Top Ukulele Courses Online

Best overall
Budget Pick
For Hobbyists
Uke Like the Pros
Rocket Ukulele
Ukulele Buddy
Refund Policy
All yearly memberships have a 30 day cancellation period.
100% Money Back Guarantee within 60 days!
1-year 100% money-back guarantee
Full Review
Best overall
Uke Like the Pros
Retail Link
Refund Policy
All yearly memberships have a 30 day cancellation period.
Full Review
Budget Pick
Rocket Ukulele
Retail Link
Refund Policy
100% Money Back Guarantee within 60 days!
Full Review
For Hobbyists
Ukulele Buddy
Retail Link
Refund Policy
1-year 100% money-back guarantee
Full Review

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Best Overall Ukulele Course – Uke Like the Pros

ukulele courses

Many things leave Uke Like the Pros at the top of every course list and review you can find out there.

Actually, the benefits are way too many, and you can only learn these online ukulele lessons when you utilize their course – still, we’ll try our best to resume them here.

The most noticeable benefits of this course are:

  • Outstanding teaching ability from the master, the ukulele Jedi: Terry Carter.
  • Amazing video lessons quality – the value of production for these courses is, in one word, incredible.
  • Students can attend these courses from any device they want without losing quality.
  • The learning progression with these online ukulele lessons is impeccable and fun – if you get bored, we know it’s you, not the course.
  • It’s not at all that expensive and has different price ranges per monthly subscription, just one month, and a great price for the full year.
  • These lessons are the most used course out there, which also makes it the one with the strongest, funniest, friendliest, and most rewarding community you can be part of.
  • You can learn different songs using their specialized methods and amazing explanations, and even learn to create new ones.
  • With these online ukulele lessons, you can go from beginner to advanced musician just with these courses thanks to its amazing modules per level.
  • Students can learn how to fingerpick with these ukulele lessons!
  • And finally, it offers free ukulele lessons as a trial, which allows students to find out all of this for themselves!

As we said, all of this is just a glimpse of the many benefits of the course. Check out that 7-day trial and find out if it’s the one for you – although we know it is the best one you can get anyhow!

Pros – about these lessons to learn or improve your ukulele skills

  • These courses can get you from beginner to advanced musician in a way that’s fun, easy to understand, and efficient.
  • These lessons have the best community around them – and a very active one that works as social media, but strictly for ukulele stuff, and maybe a few memes.
  • The quality of the video ukulele lessons and resources is amazing, and students can learn from any device they pick.
  • These courses are not expensive, and students have different payment options, depending on how much they want to pay and for how long. We highly recommend that you pay for the whole year’s lessons course if you have the money and are willing to practice constantly!
  • It has downloadable resources so you can practice offline to get the best out of your ukulele
  • Their lessons are not only for beginners but also for medium and advanced ukulele players

Cons – about these ukulele lessons

  • These courses are near perfect – and although we know there must be a flaw somewhere, we couldn’t find it!

Best Budget Ukulele Course – Rocket Ukulele

ukulele courses

Rocket ukulele is by far one of the best budget ukulele courses that can get students by far – they can even get to an advanced level attending their lessons.

When we were researching this one, we were rather surprised because its website looks like it was made before 2005.

Even so, this shady landing page is just the cover – the goodies are worth it once you open the book:

  • You’ll get a lifetime membership – come back any time to refresh your knowledge.
  • The online video lessons can get students to intermediate and advanced – the latter if you’re a really good student.
  • Results are pretty fast – if students dedicated themselves to learning at least three ukulele lessons per day, they could finish the course in a month, being intermediate/advanced ukulele players by the end.
  • It has a money-back guarantee under certain conditions.
  • The video quality of the ukulele lessons is great!

Even though this is the budget pick, we think it’s an amazing budget pick.

We highly recommend this course for hobbyists who want to learn the right amount, without necessarily becoming advanced or pro ukulele players.

The downside of this course? Well, it is a shady business – but just on the outside.

They need to invest in some marketing and graphic design, for the ukulele’s sake!

Pros – about these online ukulele lessons

  • Great course for beginner hobbyists – it can get you up to advanced with a ton of practice.
  • It’s very flexible and intuitive – ukulele lessons are really easy to understand and master.
  • The lifetime membership is totally worth it, mostly because it’s cheap, and the course masters are always adding more and more content.


  • These classes have a really bad landing page – but that’s just an aesthetic issue, the lessons of this course are pretty great.

Best Ukulele Course for Brief Learning/Hobbyists – Ukulele Buddy

ukulele courses

Ukulele Buddy is the perfect course for weekend learners and hobbyists.

We like this course because it gets the job – improving your skill – done.

Here are the main advantages of this course (Ukulele Buddy):

  • It’s brief – students can learn ukulele and improve their skills in a cumulative record time of 10 hours.
  • These paid ukulele lessons also come with other resources, like e-books, to complement what the courses offer.
  • The video quality is very good, which improves the value of the courses.
  • It offers a lifetime membership, which can be helpful to refresh your skill from time to time.
  • These lessons are not that expensive.

There are a couple of things we don’t like about this course.

First, the course focuses mainly on skills and technique, with little to no room for musical theory.

And second, it’s not the most valuable course out there because the lesson count is under 90!

We recommend this course mostly for hobbyists and people who can dedicate only about 30 minutes per week.


Because it was exactly made for that type of ukulele player – and it does an amazing job satisfying that side of the market.

Pros – about these lessons to learn or improve your ukulele skills

  • Great course to learn songs, techniques, and improve your skill.
  • These lessons offer a very quick learning path – students can progress as fast as they want, too.
  • Its price is great and students get a lifetime membership.


  • It doesn’t teach musical theory at all – this online course is like teaching you to see with one eye closed.
  • Other courses with more lessons – like the budget pick – are slightly more valuable.

Frequently Asked Questions – Best Ukuleles Lessons

Can I learn the ukulele by myself?

Yes, we were self-taught to an extent – but some courses as a guide are always good to have.
If you plan to learn alone, we encourage you to find a balance between musical theory lessons, technique, and, well, songs to play.
If you follow that path, you’ll even be able to write your own tabs and songs eventually!

Where can I learn the ukulele for free?

We recommend students check out YouTube, as there are some amazing free lessons that can get them started.
However, keep in mind that there’s a cap on how much you can learn without some courses as a guide.
That’s because just about every lesson you can find for free is only introductory in nature, so you’ll be left halfway through with all of them.
If you really want to get started in the best possible way, we highly recommend you to check out the standard membership of Uke Like the Pros, which is pretty affordable, and will streamline your learning!
Check out our full review of Uke Like the Pros to learn more.

Is it hard to learn the ukulele?

Not at all! It’s a very simple musical instrument that has been used across the world to teach music to children.
Plus, when you want to learn, nothing is difficult enough!
There are full of courses out there. Only a few are good enough though.

Can I practice ukulele without a ukulele?

Well, honestly, students can, but it’s way easier if students have one.
You can focus on theoretical lessons, and start improving your skill and technique once you get one – that’s actually an excellent approach to learning.
Nevertheless, if you decide to attend a course, having an instrument, at least a ukulele for beginners is critical.

Conclusion – Top Lessons to dominate your ukulele

We know courses can be a salvation or a curse, depending directly on the quality of the one you pick.

And, that’s exactly why we think it was important for us to write this guide best ukulele lessons for you, whether you are a beginner or an advanced ukulele player.

We have always known that it’s not about the courses themselves, it’s more about the student – if you’re willing to learn and pursue knowledge in any specific topic, any source will do.

That’s why we put so much emphasis on letting you know that it’s not about putting down other courses, as we said in the intro.

Each one of them can show students what they need to know if you’re really paying attention to their lessons.

Keep in mind that it’s more about showing you the path of least resistance, which is always good to have, and will surely make learning easier.

Why do we know this is true?

Well, while we were learning, we were lured away from our learning path, mostly because of small, but annoying-enough difficulties that arose along the way.

Bad quality audio, poor quality video lessons, overpriced ukulele courses, poorly planned teaching methods, and so on.

Yet, we couldn’t stop practicing because the investment was already done, and we were not going to see it again anyhow.

We know that those difficulties can arise for anyone and want to avoid you from suffering what we had to endure ourselves!

So, to know whether you need these lessons, or not, ask yourself: Is your current course or learning method the path of least resistance?

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